Physical Therapy


Common Diagnoses We Treat

Our Doctors offer one-on-one Physical Therapy visits to help patients reach their personal goals. Whether you are looking to get back to walking your dog without pain or plan to run in the next Flying Pig Marathon, we are here for you. All visits include assessment, diagnosis, and any treatments deemed necessary by your therapist. Treatments may include manual therapy such as dry needling, myofascial cupping, visceral manipulation, instrument assisted soft tissue massage, and joint mobilization. Treatments also include therapeutic exercises with an emphasis on patient education and self management tools.


In-office visits are available in Cincinnati, OH and Telehealth appointments are available to those located anywhere in Ohio or Kentucky. Schedule your in-office or Telehealth visit at the link above or by contacting us at or calling/texting (513) 208-2257.

· Shoulder pain

· Shoulder impingement

· Rotator cuff tendonitis

· Labrum injuries (such as SLAP tear)

· Elbow pain

· Tennis elbow

· Golfers elbow

· Neck pain

· Headaches

· Mid back/thoracic pain

· Low back pain

· Sciatica

· Disc herniation

· Degenerative disc disease

· Hip pain

· Hip bursitis

· IT Band Syndrome

· Femoral Acetabular Impingement

· Knee pain

· ACL tear

· Meniscus tear

· Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

· Foot/Ankle pain

· Ankle sprains

· Plantar Fasciitis

· Achilles Tendonitis

· Bunions

· Osteoarthritis of any joint

· BPPV, Vertigo, and other Vestibular Disorders

We also treat patients following these common surgeries:

· Spinal fusion

· Cervical or lumbar laminectomy

· Rotator cuff repair

· Mumford

· Total Shoulder Replacement

· Biceps repair

· Shoulder arthroscopy

· Shoulder Labrum Repair

· Total Hip Replacement

· Total Knee Replacement

· Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair

· Knee Meniscectomy/Arthroscopy

· Achilles’ tendon repair

· Bunionectomy

· Post fracture any bone/joint


Let Us Help You Get Back To

· Strength Training

· Olympic Weightlifting

· Powerlifting

· Strongman

· CrossFit

· Running

· Rock Climbing

· Pilates

· Yoga

· Group fitness class

· Any sport including soccer, golf, tennis, baseball, softball, and more

· Any other training, sport, or fitness activity that you love