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Are Your Joints Ready for Spring?

Spring is almost here and along with it all the great outdoor activities that come with increased sunshine and warmth! Whether you hike, garden, or are looking to throw a baseball, here is a warmup routine with a twist to prepare your body to move!

1 Lunge Twist: Take a wide stance (safe and tolerable width). Slight bend in hips and knees. Rotate shoulders and hips toward one knee while exhaling slowly. Inhale and return to center. Repeat on the other side, 5 times each direction. For more challenge you can shift weight to the direction you are rotating and extend the back leg. Activity should be felt in buttocks, core, and quad (above knee). Stop if any sharp joint pain is experienced. The advanced version can be great too!

2 Depth Squat: Hold onto wall or counter top as needed for safety with this one. Safe, steady motion is important! Inhale and lower your buttocks back and down slowly from center. Exhale and power from the buttocks to come back up to center. Perform 5 times as long as stable and balanced. Can be exchanged for a modified functional move called the Stagger Squat!

3 Arm Circles (Scapula Emphasis): Extend arms out to the side. Rotate arms and shoulder blades together to help prepare the shoulders and back for movement. Do your best to reduce neck or trunk sway by breathing, controlling the core, and creating a steady motion where both shoulder blades (scapula) move with the arms. Perform 5 times each direction.

After this warmup I hope you feel powerful, mobile, and prepared to plant, weed, or throw! If you would like a more customized movement plan or assessment to optimize movement and prevent injury you can email me at justin@absolutekineticspt.com or call at 513-208-2257!

Blog post written by Dr. Justin Vincent, PT, DPT

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