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FAQ: Do you take my insurance?

Absolute Kinetics Physical Therapy was founded to provide individualized, one-on-one Physical Therapy services to our patients. We want to be able to give each patient the necessary time and attention they need in order to best reach their personal goals and get back to living their life as soon as possible. In order to provide this level of personalized care, we are out of network with all insurance companies. By being out of network, we are able to provide our patients with pricing up front and can initiate treatment right away, without the need for a physician referral or preauthorization from an insurance company. Patients do not have to worry about visit limitations from insurance companies, and patients can be confident that they will be one-on-one with their Physical Therapist for the entire duration of their treatment session. Additionally, by providing patients with ample time and attention during sessions, we can often decrease the number of visits necessary for our patients to reach their goals.

We encourage all potential patients to discuss their Physical Therapy benefits with their insurance provider. Our packages could potentially decrease the total cost of care compared to an in network provider depending on a patients individual copay and deductible, what the in network facility will bill per visit, and how many visits they recommend for the patient. If patients would like to seek reimbursement from their insurance company for their Physical Therapy treatments with us, we would be happy to provide the necessary documentation to submit. If patients plan to seek reimbursement, we encourage them to contact their insurance provider in advance to determine their out of network benefits, what documentation is necessary to submit for reimbursement, as well as coverage if they plan to use their HSA/FSA card.

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