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Skill Update: Dry Needling and How It Fits Within the Practice

My friends have great articles on What is Dry Needling and FAQs related to how dry needling applies physical therapy in general. I recently expanded my skills to include dry needling and implementing in clinic has been wonderful! Here is what I have noticed already and how I plan to continue to use dry needling in.

Resolving trigger points is a crucial part of attaining good biomechanics. Trigger points or “knots” in muscles can cause tissue damage and dysfunction. This damage and dysfunction can limit biomechanics and cause issues in muscle and nerve performance. There are many tools I use to address these issues such as:

· myofascial release

· joint mobilization

· cupping

· manual trigger point massage

· and NOW: dry needling!

These tools can help unlock our movement patterns but have varying applications and time requirements.

Breaking down biomechanics and teaching patients about their movement is still the primary focus of how I approach physical therapy. Give a fish and eat a meal, teach to fish, and eat for life, right? I am very confident in my ability to use my hands (and tools) to make people feel well. If I move your tissue and you feel good, I gave a good fish. If I teach movement and body mechanics, we may resolve a problem that enriches your life!

When appropriate, Dry Needling is an efficient treatment. It allows restored muscle function with immediate carry over into movement and usually does not take as long as other tools mentioned above. The needles can also reach specific fascia that other tools may not be able to reach. Dry needling is not for everyone and every issue. We screen extensively before performing needling. The ultimate the goal is to move and be pain free!

Interested in learning more about our approach or trying dry needling? Email me at justin@absolutekinetics.com or call directly at 513-208-2257. Prior to needling we would do a full evaluation to screen for appropriateness. If you would like to book an in person or telehealth follow this link!

Blog post written by Dr. Justin Vincent, PT, DPT

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