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The Top 4 Reasons Concierge Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is For You

Concierge Physical Therapy is when your physical therapist comes to you and treats you in your home. There are a lot of reasons why this is beneficial for people, but it can be especially beneficial for those looking for pelvic floor services. In this post, we are going to break down the top 4 reasons someone may benefit from this type of physical therapy service:

1) New Parents: For those who are newly postpartum, getting out of the house can be a daunting task and can increase your stress or even stop you from seeking help. Between feeding schedules, lack of child care, and even work schedules, taking 2 hours out of your day to go to an appointment can seem unrealistic.

2) Comfort: For a lot of people with pelvic floor dysfunction, there can be a lot of anxiety about going into a clinic. Some people feel more comfortable with seeking help from a pelvic floor PT if they are in the comfort of their own home.

3) Convenience: We often don't think about it, but there is a lot of time spent traveling, finding parking, etc when we go to a doctor's appointment. With mobile PT, your PT comes to you for the allotted time of the appointment, which means less time wasted for you!

4) Situational Symptoms: Sometimes your symptoms are only coming on at a very specific time, like when you are lifting a specific object or putting your baby in a crib/car seat. A home visit can be very beneficial for you and your physical therapist to troubleshoot real life issues that are contributing to your symptoms.

Dr. Tyler Kornblum is now offering concierge pelvic floor physical therapy services in the Cincinnati area within a 20 minute radius of the office. Email tyler@absolutekineticspt.com with any questions or to schedule a home visit. There are a limited number of in-home visits per week. Reserve yours now!

Blog written by Dr. Tyler Kornblum, PT, DPT, ATC

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