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What is a virtual consult?

We recently announced that we are now offering virtual consults! We are so excited to open up access to Physical Therapy with us to individuals all across Ohio and Kentucky.

You may be wondering what a virtual consult is, and why this would be something you might look into. We wanted to take some time to write a full blog post on this, as telemedicine is a newer concept, particularly in the physical therapy world. Most people are becoming more aware of access to telemedicine as more physicians are beginning to offer this option. Here are a few quick questions we would like to address.

1) Who is telemedicine/virtual consults for? Virtual consults can be for any one! In particular, you may be interested in a virtual consult if you are busy with work or other personal responsibilities that make it difficult for you to come in for an office visit. This allows a bit more flexibility, as you can complete your consult via video conference anywhere (you will just want to have a little space to move around). Your physical therapist will also develop a plan with you that involves exercise progression you can do on your own, and follow ups will likely be scheduled (also via virtual consult) to check in and make sure things are improving as planned.

2) What do I need to complete a virtual consult? As with in person physical therapy, you do not require a referral from a physician for a virtual consult. You will simply need a smart phone, tablet, or computer that has a camera and microphone in order to set up a video chat with your therapist.

3) What about manual therapy? We use a lot of manual therapy in our practice, however, many problems (both acute and chronic) can be solved with a proper exercise program! If you are not improving with the program that is prescribed to you, or if your therapist feels strongly that you would benefit from manual therapy, we will help you find the right provider that you can see in person.

What questions do you have about virtual consults? Send us an email at info@absolutekineticspt.com and we will answer any questions that you have! Ready to schedule your virtual consult? Schedule right on our website at www.absolutekineticspt.com!

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