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Why...Why start AKPT right now?

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

One of us is at the relative beginning of her career and the other is farther to the end. But why start a cash based business now in this healthcare climate?  AKPT was created to provide the highest level of one on one musculoskeletal care to our patients. We recognize the importance of spending time to identify and treat the underlying cause, rather than treating the symptoms, in order to restore each individual so they can meet their personal goals and return to an active lifestyle. Our promise is to continue to pursue the highest level of training in our field, a positive environment to heal, and a passion to help each patient reach their highest potential. We are Primary Care Musculoskeletal experts.

We want to be the first person you call when you are hurting after a weekend bike ride, a tennis match, or a torn ACL, meniscus or labrum. We want you to call us when your hip is pinching deep in your squat or your feet hurt every time you try to increase your mileage. We want to spend the time with our patients that is not possible in the traditional healthcare setting. We care about movement from the top down and bottom up. We want to look at the whole picture that is you. We want to give each person personal time and individualized care from a specialist every visit.

Most importantly we have created AKPT because we both want to make a difference and get people back to an active lifestyle quicker and with more resources than they came to us with. That is what fuels us and makes this adventure so special.

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