Patient Testimonials

I found Dr. Tyler Kornblum through some research and recommendations within a mom group. I had been dealing with tailbone pain for several months after delivering my daughter. (The kind of pain where it hurt to sit, stand, lay down, lift my get the idea.) Tyler was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable; talking me through every step in the process. She discovered what was causing my tailbone pain and I felt 80% better after just one session with her. Now, after a few more visits, I don't have any pain and it's stayed that way. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends dealing with pelvic floors issues, especially post-partum.

- Katie S.

Being able to effectively address pain without medication is the type of treatment I prefer. I was introduced to cupping and dry needling at Absolut Kinetics and I am in love with the processes. The education provided during the appointment is top tier. Absolute Kinetics equips you to care for your body at home, in between appointments.

- Krishawnda A.

Alexis does a phenomenal job of listening to all my issues and getting to the root of the problem. I have had consistent back pain that gets worse when standing for an extended amount of time. After dry needling, I experienced no pain while standing all weekend for a work event. I made a habit of getting dry needled before long events and it made a huge difference. She has also helped me with knee soreness as well as shoulder weakness. I will definitely continue to go to Absolute Kinetics!

- Kirtley K.

I was referred to Alexis as I was struggling with vertigo (rocking and dizziness) symptoms for weeks. Alexis was thorough in her assessment and went right to work to address my weak vestibular. She gave me homework of some eye movement exercises that I did regularly for a couple weeks. She also used dry needling on my neck to help relieve some tension which was making the vertigo symptoms worse. We were able to get the vertigo to stop and get me back to normal. Alexis is professional, smart, personable and made me feel really comfortable especially with dry needling which made me very nervous. I still see Alexis for some other areas to help continue to improve my strength in the gym. If you are dealing with vertigo or any injuries go to Alexis. She is so knowledgeable and I love that she loads my exercises in to a program so I can refer to them at home to make sure I am doing them correctly. Alexis is amazing and I have been telling all my friends and family about her!

- Ariana T.

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Hutchison at Absolute Kinetics. I had almost daily pain from a 5 year old running injury before my PT sessions and now have almost no pain, plus I'm back to feeling confident in my running and training. From the first visit, Dr. Hutchison explained the importance of creating strength in my muscles and not only focusing on short term fixes. Having access to my exercise videos from anywhere is so helpful in continuing to keep my leg strong. Post my PT sessions, I feel knowledgeable in maintaining the work we did and much more prepared to handle this issue in the future than I did post-other PT for this same injury. I highly recommend Absolute Kinetics for any PT needs!

- Bethany B.

I've had hip pain and went to another PT and only felt a small amount of relief. After a few weeks with Dr. Alexis the pain is significantly less and I can actually run again. I am so thankful for her help. I love the home exercises that she gives you to do she actually demonstrates how to do each one on YouTube and gives you your personal link. I highly recommend seeing her and she will help relieve your pain.

- Evelyn G.

Alexis uncovered a chronic problem with the way wrong muscles fired resulting in my history of injuries. She accessed the "why" and now I'm on a path of healing and strengthening to prevent future setbacks. Thanks Alexis for your innovative and non-traditional approach to treatment.

- Anita A.

I have loved my experience with Alexis at Absolute Kinetics! She takes her time to answer every question and helps you understand what the goals and what the outcomes will be. She is so friendly and makes you feel welcome the moment you meet her.

- Erin B.

I am very grateful to Alexis at Absolute Kinetics for her wisdom, training and getting me back on track after having a T12 fracture. After three rounds of PT, I needed more knowledge about how to strengthen and heal. She provided just what I needed during this time in my life in a safe and clean environment. As I continue to recover with confidence, I look forward to resuming more activities, including golf! Also, I have access to the exercise program she planned for me so that I can work out at home. Thank you, Alexis!

- Kimberly K.

I have worked both with Alexis and Tyler at absolute kinetics and can say with my hand to my heart that they both have performed miracles on my body! Most recently was a visit I had with Tyler to help correct a pregnancy induced sacral issue. Walking into her office, I lost my breath from pain with each step I took on my leg foot. Walking out felt like I could enjoy my daily life activities again without pain! It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to find “normal” so inspiring, but what a relief it is!!! I can’t recommend Alexis and Tyler enough. They are so skilled, professional and helpful in ways you didn’t even realize you needed. THANK YOU!

- Kari B.

In a short series of visits Alexis used dry needling, suction cups, massage, and a program of stretching and strength building exercises to target areas of entrenched muscle tension in my shoulders, upper back and neck. Excellent results, my shoulder problem is gone! The exercises and her insights will help me stay pain free. Thank you Alexis!

- Paul P.

I have been experiencing pain in my lower back due to other medical treatments. Alexis has been amazing at helping me manage and reduce the pain, while also being more aware of my body and movements. I love her holistic approach and how she customizes her treatment plan based on her comprehensive evaluation. She is also really good at explaining her treatment plan so that I understand and feel comfortable with it. I would highly recommend seeing Alexis.

- Meagan Y.

This was the best Physical Therapy experience I have ever had. After having knee surgery in 2018, I had physical therapy at the hospital and it was just fine. But then my other knee started to hurt. It was not bad enough for surgery, but I did not want to start cortisone shots. I asked instead an order for physical therapy. I was recommended to go to Absolute Kinetics by several trainers that I know. Their approach to physical therapy was above and beyond what I had previously experienced. This was my first experience with dry needling. I am terrified of needles, but Alexis made it a painless experience and by the end of my appointments, I was looking forward to it. All of the exercises that I was given to assist with my knee pain were put into easy to follow channel of videos that I could watch. I feel like the exercises that I was given are moves that I can continue to do for the rest of my life whenever I am feeling any type of knee strain. I would definitely recommend Absolute Kinetics type of physical therapy over the kind that simply puts you on lightweight workout equipment.

- Danae B.

I started with tightness/pinching in my right groin area, that over the course of 2-3 months, progressed in to an unbearable pain encompassing my entire leg, even with stretching and backing off my strength training. My trainer referred me to Dr. Alexis with Absolute Kinetics. I was impressed from the initial evaluation, as Alexis really listened to me, and asked pertinent questions in order to pin point the problem. She clearly explained the treatment plan, and we got started right away. I saw significant improvement with the combination of dry needling and therapeutic exercises (which she explains WHY they will help AND sends an email with videos to refer to at home!), and have been able to get back to my training. I highly recommend Dr. Alexis with Absolute Kinetics.

- Carrie C.

I was experiencing some serious back pain and tightness in my mid back. The pain was almost unbearable and I was at a loss of what to do. I spoke with Alexis and she carefully listened to my concerns, provided a paid assessment and recommended a comprehensive plan of care package. Alexis was able to manipulate the area of concern as well as dry needling and cupping techniques. Also, Alexis taught me a series of exercises, stretches, and breathing techniques to apply in between physical therapy sessions that also alleviated the pain. Over a series of 8 visits, I am now pain free in the back area and Alexis provides follow-up instructions with videos. Alexis is professional yet conversations are free flowing and her sense of humor also helped me relax as the dry needling occurred. Scheduling is available online or personally through Alexis and her schedule allows complete flexibility in order to accommodate your specific needs. It is without any hesitation that I can fully recommend Absolute Kinetics Physical Therapy to anyone who is suffering from an impairment requiring physical therapy. Professional business, professional services, professional results!

- Dan N.

Alexis has been so helpful with my overall health the past year. She takes the time to listen to what is going on and never dismisses anything I share. She provides education in a way that is easy to understand as well as exercises to do on my own to enhance my progress. I recommend Alexis to anyone who is interested in learning about their body and strengthening it rather than getting a quick fix.

- Evie T.